Uhuru has constructed a number of projects in Zambia. It has built schools, clinics and dug boreholes all over the country in its quest to help the under privileged. Some of the projects Uhuru has under taken are as follows:

1)      One of its biggest projects being the construction of a mini hospital in North western province in Kasempa district. Construction started in 2011 and completed in 2013. It has a male ward as well as a female & children’s ward. Each ward can accommodate 12 patients. The clinic also has a fully equipped laboratory. Therefore, Uhuru is improving lives by bringing health care to some of the poorest communities in Zambia. The pictures below show the construction of the hospital and the finished building.

2)      Renovation of an already existing clinic in Kasempa district. This newly renovated clinic offers hospital services for those who cannot afford medical care. The before and after pictures are shown below.

3)      Uhuru has helped the government of Zambia with the construction of schools in some of the most remote areas of the country. Education being key factor in a person’s life, Uhuru helps in the provision of educational services by building and renovating existing schools. Some of the schools constructed by Uhuru Peaceful Trust are:

  • Kalongo Mwape School in the Eastern province of Zambia, which offers both primary and secondary education.
  • Mfuwe Basic School also in Eastern province offering primary education.
  • Kafue Basic School in the central part of Zambia, the school offers educational services to vulnerable children such as, orphans, former street kids and children from poor families.

These are some of the many schools Uhuru Peaceful Trust has funded. By providing education to some of the poorest communities, Uhuru is empowering the people of Zambia. The pictures below show some of the schools and their pupils.


4)      Majority of Zambians do not have access to clean or fresh water for drinking and sanitation purposes. This has prompted Uhuru to sink a lot of boreholes/wells in remote areas. Hence, enabling communities in rural areas to have access to clean and safe water. Therefore, reducing the number of people infected with waterborne disease and keeping their lives safe from the crocodile infested rivers. The cost of making boreholes is approximately 2,500 pounds. The pictures below shows one of the boreholes sunk by Uhuru and the locals who are benefiting from it.


5)      Recreational activities- Uhuru encourages the community to be involved in sports activities as a way of keeping themselves healthy and fit. Recently Uhuru sponsored a football tournament in Eastern province as seen below.