The Peaceful (Uhuru) Trust has teamed up with Nottinghamshire County Council and Mansfield District Council to provide free winter parcels to give to elderly residents of Mansfield Woodhouse.

Cllr Bosnjak commented ‘It is vitally important that the most vulnerable members of our community are kept warm during the cold winter months. The initiative from The Peaceful Trust is a fabulous project and as County Councillor I was keen to offer my support’.

Trustee of The Peaceful Trust, Charlene Burton-Betts, added ‘We are committed to helping in the local community, it is these local people that support our shops and without them the good work we do would not be possible’.

In total, 600 parcels were created and each pack consists of items such as a fleece blanket, thermal gloves, hat and socks, things that we find the elderly using indoors in the cold months to keep warm, as they are too afraid to switch on their heating in these austere times.

Mansfield District Council was asked to allocate the majority of the parcels to individuals who they felt would gain maximum benefit and fitted the criteria. It was agreed this was the best way to ensure they went to the most vulnerable. A recent exercise involving local councillors and MDC support workers was carried out at Vale Court Flats to hand out packs to those not on the council list (see photo).

You do not have to be on benefits to be eligible; the packs are for anyone over the age of 65 and living in Mansfield Woodhouse. The Trust and Cllr Bosnjak are keen to make this an annual event as they are both equally committed to working with and supporting this community.