What we do

In Africa

We have a trustee based in Zambia, who has for a number of years participated in various clinics and school projects and has also been involved in providing fresh water by boring new wells. Setting up an infrastructure for the protection of wildlife which is native to the remote villages in Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.

Now that The Peaceful (uhuru) Trust has been registered and attained charitable status, we hope to grow in strength considerably and extend our work in these areas to provide the much needed facilities and services.

Gulam Patel (Trustee) and Zaid Patel, in Zambia, Mr Ibrahim Patel in Malawi and Mr Moshin Patel in Tanzania all strive to work with the local communities to improve the lives of the people in these areas.

We are actively involved in building new schools, providing books and all other essentials for the children to get an education. We work closely with isolated communities to ensure that the children get a full education in order to realise their potential.

In the UK

Numerous charities, community groups, churches and schools use or clothing bank scheme to raise much needed funds, this assists the respective group in their endeavor to achieve self-sustainability.

Currently one of our Trustees has become part of the Mansfield Woodhouse Youth Project which is a venture we are very passionate about, giving young people in the village of Mansfield Woodhouse a safe, friendly environment to meet with other young people. The group are aiming to provide a youth centre which offers the teenagers in the village a full youth service and a safe venue for them to meet, relax and socialise.

In addition to the Youth Project we also work with several local projects. We strive to be actively involved with local community groups not only offering them financial assistance but also supporting them wherever we possibly can.