The community support network has continued to serve the community of Mansfield Woodhouse. Despite demand slowing when the nation came out of lockdown in November the volunteers still continued to help those in need of our services, some were delivering prescriptions after they finished work.

One of our volunteers lost her mother to Covid in January and still carried on working in the community, in fact she delivered what was our 600th job in February.

This milestone saw us awarded with a thank you certificate from our local radio Mansfield 103.2, Mansfield Rotary and Mansfield & Ashfield News Journal in recognition of the support the network has and still is providing in the community.

To date we have completed 636 jobs, this does not include the visits our dog walker has been making to help a lovely lady by walking her dog three times per week since lockdown started last March.

The dedication these volunteers have shown to the community during these unprecedented times is truly amazing and we are proud of everything they and the network has achieved since it was started a year ago.