Peaceful Trust Projects

Focus Point Community Centre

In 2018 our local County Councillor highlighted a centre that was on the brink of closure in Mansfield Woodhouse.

The Peaceful Trust decided to get involved by providing a manger to run the centre on a day to day basis. The manager was there to generate income in an effort to attain self-sustainability, manage the timetable and organise events for the community.

The Peaceful Trust decided to fund a memory cafe for people with dementia and their carers that would be run by The Focus Point. This would involved having an experienced member of staff to run sessions. Along with the sessions based at the centre day trips are also provided.

The cafe has been really well received and its success has led to Mansfield Alzheimers Society to integrate their Mansfield Memory Cafe into it and refer anyone in Mansfield looking for sessions to the Focus Point.

Winter Warmer

For several years working with County Cllr Joyce Bosnjak and Mansfield District Council (MDC) we funded a winter warmer project for the over 60’s living in the Mansfield Woodhouse area. The first year residents received a winter parcel, following the success of the project we moved to bigger premises and along with the County Councillor provided a hot meal, parcel, entertainment and information stands and talks from local health professionals.

Please see our gallery for pictures.

It has been documented that in these austere times some elderly people are having to switch off their heating in the winter months to save money and we all felt that it is important that we do everything we can to ensure our elderly are kept warm through the winter months.

Zambia, Africa

After a visit by our Trustee in 2016, we identified a village called Chanda. A small village on the boundary of Mwape and Luembe in the Luangwa valley region of Zambia. Due to the location of the village it was as if it has almost been forgotten. There were a few homes / shacks, a carport structure for a school, no graded road and no borehole.

After speaking with the Chieftainess Mwape about our ideas The Peaceful Trust has taken an active role in the village. It has taken a few years but there is now a brand purpose built school. It can educate 100 children, however, when locals discovered there was a new school there was 150 children enrolled before it was even opened. This means the school will possibly provide two shifts of teaching so it can accommodate.

When we returned in 2009 to open the school it was clear to see that the village had more homes / shacks, generally just more people around and the roads had been graded to make the village more accessible.

We built the schools, provided books, pens, pencils, tables and chairs, uniforms and school bags. Our aim is to get as many children in to education as possible so in turn they can better themselves and provide a better standard of living for their families.

While this is very rewarding and nothing quite makes your heart melt, like seeing a smile on the face of a child who attends school for the first time, the labour of love is very difficult.

We are in the process of digging fresh water well in Chanda (similar to one pictured below). The well provides clean water not just for human consumption but also for livestock and farming.

As well as the school we also built a toilet block one side for girls and the other for the boys. Although this is a good start the school needs more toilets and also housing for the teachers. These are items that we have planned for the future.

Our ultimate goal is to continue to provide for the village of Chanda. When we have achieved all of our plans and the village is well on the road to self-sustainability then we can turn our attention to another project.

Pictures of Chanda can be seen in our gallery