Its not everyday that someone volunteers to jump out of a plane. Fortunately, we have two lovely guys who are going to do just that. Mohammed Patel and Robin Edwards have decided that climbing Snowdon last year was not a big enough thrill, both wanted to raise more funds and continue their support for the charity but wanted to do something more adventurous. So, naturally they came up with a parachute jump, after asking the rest of the fundraising group it quickly became apparent that while we would be happy to go along and watch, we weren’t fond of the idea of throwing ourselves out of a plane.


The money they raise for the trust will be donated to the Mansfield Woodhouse Youth Project. The MWYP is a non-profit group who provide a warm and safe environment for the young people of Mansfield Woodhouse.

Due to health issues the parachute jump has been postponed until Sunday 2nd October. We hope that at this time both Mohammed and Rob will be fit to jump.