Mwape is a town 450km from Lusaka the main city of Zambia.

The Peaceful (uhuru) Trust has tried to help the locals in the remote area of Mwape by digging around 9 boreholes in the area. This has made it very convenient for the community because they now have access to clean water to fulfil their basic needs of drinking, washing clothes, cooking and bathing.

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The Peaceful (uhuru) Trust also took to task to extend the existing school and build four more classrooms. There are currently 310 pupils, 6 teachers and the classes go up to standard 9.

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There is only one clinic in Mwape, The Peaceful (uhuru) Trust supplies medication to the clinic which is given to the patients for free.

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We have also set up a hand mill, this has made life much easier for the local community, now when they harvest their maize they are able to go to the mill where it is grained into fine powder; meali-meal which the locals use to make their staple food nshima.

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We are aware that this village still has needs which seem to us to be basic, things that we take for granted but to the local villagers in Mwape they are just unaffordable. The Peaceful (uhuru) Trust will continue to do what we can for this community.

Below is are just two things that have been highlighted.

School needs – 4 more toilets because they only have 3 between 310 students

Hospital needs – extension of storage room and 2 toilets.

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