Arriving at 10am in morning, the sun shinning and a cloud free sky we began the long walk to the top.

As time passed with some legs tiring and determination wavering the group stretched out along the steep rugged path.

The first members of the group arrived at the top just after noon with the rest of the team arriving in their own time.

After about four and a half hours, through sheer determination, will power and what seemed like a thousand rest stops the last of us arrived at the summit and our team was reunited for a short while. However, the realisation soon set in that we had to turn around and start the walk back down.

Before sunset all the team was safely back at our starting point even though everyone was somewhat worse for wear.

A couple of days later the majority of the team got their ability to walk normally back, others took a few more days to get over their aches and pains.

Yes it was much harder than we thought! but we can all now say we have climbed a mountain and most importantly we raised just over £1200 for our charity.

There are rumours circulating that a few of the team are going to take on the National 3 Peaks Challenge!! watch this space.

A massive thank you to everyone who sponsored us and a special thanks to the guys who took on the challenge!!

Cllr Joyce Bosnjak

Sharon Baum

Toni Shaw

Clair & Robin Edwards

Mohammed & Aisha Patel

Craig Wilson

Sally Gregory & Stephen White