Recycling Banks

The Peaceful Trust Clothing bankThe Peaceful (uhuru) Trust aims to generate funds by placing textile banks in supermarkets, council sites, schools and on private land in communities. This will encourage recycling of unwanted clothing, shoes and handbags. We plan to play a major role in the recycling of textiles, shoes etc.

In time, it is hoped that the recycling of cardboard and plastics will help us generate funds for our projects.

Please use the search facility on the home page to locate your nearest clothing and shoe bank.

Corporate Sponsor

To be able to continue our good work we work closely with Savanna Rags Int Ltd.

As well as providing much needed funds Savanna also provides us donations of clothing. Also with ever growing transport, maintenance and fuel costs it would prove too costly to run a commercial vehicle, so during the evenings and where possible in business hours Savanna provides us one of their vans so we can provide a delivery and collection service.