Following the success of the the Halloween giveaway we decided to team up with Datsa and her team again at Solar Air Sequin Walls to give the children in our community a special Santa spectacular.

After a Facebook post advertising that Santa will be in the building for a flying socially distanced visit almost 100 families with over 200 children registered to attend.

We managed to give every child a selection box or cuddly gift (dependent on age) our youngest attendee was just 4 days old and possibly the oldest could have been the Mansfield Mayor who passed by to show his support and of course have a chat with Santa!

Set up started at 7am, our first family at 9.45am with bookings every five minutes until 6.45am and it was almost 8pm before the very long day came to an end.

This would not have been possible with Datsa, her team and the army of volunteers that spent the whole day working tirelessly to ensure every family was seen in complete safety and every child left with a smile.

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