There has been a vast amount of progress made at Chanda since our last update in November. The finish line is so close we can almost touch it now.

The building team has worked hard to get everything ready sending us updates at every stage, as the pictures show the village now has a more than adequate building. It will provide around 120 children an education and hopefully now they have this facility it will encourage more children to come. We could have built a smaller school but we made a conscious decision that a building this size would be future proof in accommodating a growing population.

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In December we were informed by our team on the ground that the school should be completed around May 2018, this meant that we needed to source the equipment, furnishings, stationary etc. for the school and have them on a container by January or February at the latest.

The National Police Aid Convoys (NPAC) who we have worked with for many years had just received a donation of school furniture and were more than happy to come on board with the project. They supplied all the furniture – desks & chairs for the classrooms, desks & chairs for the teachers, headmasters office, filing cabinets, bookcases, even footballs and anything else which was required. Not only providing the necessities for the school they had enough uniforms and school bags that every child at the school would receive one. Along with the stationary we had accumulated they sent a massive amount of extra supplies. The contribution they made was tremendous and we could not have done it without them!

So one extremely cold frosty morning on 6th February the NPAC team gave up their time to meet our container at their warehouse and it was filled from front to back with items not only for our school but we managed to utilise the left over space to send items for the NPAC.

It took a total of about 5 hours to complete and an army of volunteers but by lunch time we dispatched the container to start its 3 month journey. We have been informed that the container has safely arrived in Nyimba and is awaiting unloading.

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