Last years trip to Zambia left us plenty to talk about. There are just so many ways and areas that require help, we had endless requests and lots of ideas but unfortunately, our funding pot is not endless and we needed to narrow down our options.

After much debate we decided that our help would best be served helping at Chanda School. Even though all the schools had requests, they had asked for items which would enhance their schools. As you can see by the pictures Chanda School doesn’t even have one proper classroom. 112 children attend this school and we thought these children would benefit the most from our help.

Zulu Washington (Headmaster) and his school made a real impression on us whilst we were there, so we sent our colleague to meet with Zulu a couple of months ago, she explained that we are in a position where we can finance and build him a one by three classroom block, he was so grateful and assured us that the community would get involved where they can.

The building will be funded in stages, we have got a contractor and started to procure some of the materials for the foundations. Unfortunately, at the moment with the rainy season progress has been halted. Roads are difficult at the best of times, rainy season makes things almost impossible.

We will be providing updates at every stage and in the near future our completed project.

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